Current special courses in
Agri-Educational Centre Triesdorf
(with russian translation

- Cattle herd management
 01-08. March 2020
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- Agrarian economy
  08-15. March 2020
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 -  Arable farming and forage-crop production
  March 2020
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 - Special professional course for vets and  inseminators
  March 2020

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 - Pig farming
  April 2020
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Each year, ACT organizes a 4-week-internship at agricultural enterprises in Germany (mainly in Bavaria).

Usually the internship takes place between April and August.

The targeted individuals for this internship are students from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kirgizstan. The students should be enrolled in a Bachelor degree program at an agricultural university (starting from 3rd semester) and a practical semester should be scheduled in their studies.

If you are interested in an internship or in interns, and need further information, please contact us at

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