Current special international courses at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (HSWT) in Agri-Educational Centre Triesdorf
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 - Agricultural Economics & Management
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 - Herd management (cattle), milk production (HM)
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 - Agronomy, forage production & evaluation
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 - Cheese production & milk processing
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 - Pig Farming & Management
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 - Poultry Farming & Management
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 - Drones & modern sensor technology in agriculture
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 - Fruit processing & Marketing
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 - Regional management & rural development
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Germany has an excellent education system and a high level of expertise in its companies and businesses. For companies from partner countries with technical deficiencies, primarily in the practical area, we offer focused professional training courses. The group size here should not be larger than 20 people. Typically the professional training courses last 7-12 days and include both theoretical and practical modules in which participants can receive targeted training, visits to companies in the respective sector and corresponding agricultural companies with opportunity for discussion. In addition to the courses the participants are provided with handouts and documentation in the respective languages, as well as translation services. The support is provided from pick-up upon arrival, through shuttle service to the airport at departure. The itinerary is rounded off by a cultural program on the weekends.

In Triesdorf we offer specialized training courses on the following topics:

  •    Corporate planning and organization
  •    Static and multiperiodic investment calculations
  •    Herd management, cattle breeding
  •    Pig breeding, feeding and hygiene
  •    Feeding and dairy equipment (cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry)
  •    Agricultural technology
  •    Crop farming, etc.

All specialized courses are designed for target groups and conducted with the main focus on practical orientation

You can find a sample-offer for a specialized course here:
Specialized Course "livestock herd management"

Image Gallery of Professional Training Courses in Triesdorf:

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