Current special courses in
Agri-Educational Centre Triesdorf
(with russian translation

- Agrarian economy

 07-14. April 2019
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- Pig farming
 02-09. June 2019

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- Cattle herd management
 July 2019
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 -  Arable farming and forage-crop production

 March 2020
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 - Special professional course for vets and  inseminators
 March 2020
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It is not always possible to receive the expertise and knowledge that bring know-how and experience right at the place where they exist.

Triesdorf is an agricultural training centre in Bavaria with more than 3000 students annually, studying at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences and in ten agricultural schools.

The modern and broad education in the agricultural sector and the practical skills taught by the training center Triesdorf however, are needed worldwide.

In order to facilitate the training and expertise from Triesdorf, we set up various learning platforms so the know-how coming from our institution can be spread on a worldwide basis.

Via the different learning platforms and management systems, professionals as well as students in developed countries around the world are given the opportunity to learn a part of the application knowledge and practical skills from Triesdorf in real time.

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