Current special international courses at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (HSWT) in Agri-Educational Centre Triesdorf
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 - Agricultural Economics & Management
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 - Herd management (cattle), milk production (HM)
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 - Agronomy, forage production & evaluation
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 - Cheese production & milk processing
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 - Pig Farming & Management
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 - Poultry Farming & Management
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 - Drones & modern sensor technology in agriculture
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 - Fruit processing & Marketing
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 - Regional management & rural development
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The Agro Consult Triesdorf (ACT) is a practically oriented consulting- and service company in the agricultural sector in Germany and abroad.

The ACT-Triesdorf is your competent partner in the areas of:

  • Planning, organization and execution of specialized training courses and educational trips for professionals in the agricultural sector worldwide
  • Consulting and guidance of German and foreign agricultural entrepreneurs in the areas of organization, planning, development and management of the company
  • Structural and interactive data collection for the creation of resource- and potential analyses, as well as the determination of the economic efficiency and competitiveness of the company
  • Organization and provisionofagriculturalinternshipsinGermany forstudents fromabroad
  • Establishment and maintenance of learning management systems (LMS), professional websites, dynamic and interactive web applications, webinars, online specialized courses
  • We offer extensive training in German as a foreign language from level A1 to C1 for the education of foreign students by qualified personnel etc.

The team of ACT-Triesdorf is looking forward to a successful and sustainable cooperation with our partners!


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